How To Market Like Seth Godin ( Part 1)

You need to tell stories

Telling Stories that actually matter involves being consistent. - Seth Godin

Yesterday, someone on my WhatsApp contact list wanted to drive traffic to a certain YouTube Video that he made for a competition.

He then proceeded to add over 200 people to a WhatsApp group without their consent, dropped the link to the video dropped an apology for adding everyone to the group and then left.

He believed that at least some people would click on the video and he would net some views, but immediately he dropped the video and left, others in the group followed suit.

Pulling a stunt like that not only angered people, it would make some of them to block him.

It is things like this that remind me of the fact that some people want to enjoy the benefits of community support without wanting to build one first.

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Building a community on social media is hard for some people because it involves showing up everyday, but once you understand the foundational secret of it, then you are well on your way to building one.

I watched Seth Godin’s interview with Peace Itimi some weeks back and there are a lot of striking points that he shared in that Interview.

The best way to connect with people online is by telling stories, I always tell my WhatsApp Domination students that the no one comes online to look for things to buy, they are coming to get informed, entertained and educated.

When you share stories that fall into these three categories, they would pay attention to you and with time, you would be able to sell them what you have to offer.

Show up in a way that you can be authentic and show up everyday - Seth Godin

Seth is the master of showing up, I don’t think that anyone on the Internet shows up as much as he does, for years now he has been writing one blog post a day.

That’s a massive feat in an online world where there are lots of distractions, it is easy to become more of a content consumer than a creator.

Authenticity also matters, a lot of people struggle with authenticity because they are all caught up in doing things that aren’t native to them.

You need to first assess yourself and find out the things that you are innately wired for and can talk about without stress.

Without stress doesn’t mean that it would be all rosy and easy to create, but when you are in your zone, you would flourish and grow faster.

I believe that Seth can show up everyday because he actually love what he does and teaches, if he had chosen a niche like health because he heard it sells well, then I am not sure he would be as resourceful and helpful as he is currently.

You can’t tell a story to everyone. You have to find your tribe and people that actually want to listen to you - Seth Godin.

Most people also struggle with Authenticity simply because they want to be everything to everyone.

It’s not possible to be followed by everyone online, you have to choose your people by determining what kind of content that you should be creating, you also have to ensure that it is something that you can talk on for a long time.

Once you determine this, then you can go on the journey of finding people who truly care about what you can create for them, and the way to find them is by publishing more.

Once you do this, you would be able to build a solid personal brand.

The term personal brand has confused a lot of people, some don’t know what that actually means, Seth defined it simply in the Interview.

Personal brand is what people expects from you.

So if you are building a brand as a doctor online, people expect you to tell them different ways to be in good health.

If you are building a brand as a Sales expert online, people expect you to tell them different ways that they can drive sales for their business.

It is important that you establish what your brand means so that you would know the best way to tell stories online and also provide people with value.

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