Ajulu is a king. It's always as if you know the worries and questions 😲 personally I struggle with getting the right attention and sticking to the things in best at

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Yes I concur with what Adewaale said. These principles are what will already know, but is quite different now.

But I have some questions,

1: we can't sell when we have nothing; what if those without skills to offer?

2: I major in finance and banking, and I know I just have flare for finance related materials alone and less in skills. Can you help me recommend skills one can leverage on in finance/banking

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Apr 3, 2020Liked by Ajulu

Thanks, man. this is helpful and worth taking action on.

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Currently, I am working on my British English enunciation skills, as a voice over artist. And to also expand my skills set, I am getting more intimate with my Yoruba language pronunciations.

The Quarantine period has made me realise that love and bond between family members can actually grow and remain strengthened. We are all just too distracted to accept the fact.

I struggle with No. 5 secret: You Must Learn How To Listen:

And a little bit of no. 1 my attention is not always strong

I learnt that careful notice of attention in interaction will ultimately give you expansion. 😎

Thanks a lot Ajulu πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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The five secrets of online income is quite insightful. The amazing thing is that these tactics aren't new, but it hits different coming from you because you took our time to give detailed information on why these things should be done.

Thanks to you, Ajulu

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