I have been reading your newsletters since it's inception... It's something that has added a lot of value to me. The James Clear newsletter was the icing on the cake. I sincerely appreciate your work.

That been said, I decided to learn to use Corel Draw approximately two years ago. To be sincere, I have become good at what I do, and i have a job with a press presently doing Graphic Design. But I am not satisfied with the income I am generating from my salary and other designs I do with my spare time. I'm looking to expand my income base.

I would appreciate your insight...

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Action beats Meditation

Agree strongly with that statement.

I spend too much time in idea conceptualization after "overthinking", there's no drive to Act. It can really be tiring 😔😔😔

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I am beginning to understand real stuff

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AnonymousApr 8, 2020

Thanks for yet another insightful piece. Today's newsletter is very relatable. I know that fear that comes before execution. The fear of failure and the unknown that drowns the joy of bringing a new idea to life.

I'm writing my first book and the fear is almost crippling. But for my friend who has made it her personal project to track my progress, I wouldn't have gone past the first chapter. Reading this, I feel motivated to keep pushing.

Thanks for everything you do.

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