I have been reading your newsletters since it's inception... It's something that has added a lot of value to me. The James Clear newsletter was the icing on the cake. I sincerely appreciate your work.

That been said, I decided to learn to use Corel Draw approximately two years ago. To be sincere, I have become good at what I do, and i have a job with a press presently doing Graphic Design. But I am not satisfied with the income I am generating from my salary and other designs I do with my spare time. I'm looking to expand my income base.

I would appreciate your insight...

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Good day Akande, I am glad that you found this newsletter useful

it is my utmost desire to write things that a lot of people find useful to what they are facinng currently.

As someone who has a firm grasp of a skill, striving to reach high levels of excellence in it should be the next step. Study the works on great designers and see how you can produce something as excellent at theirs.

Your next step should be to participate in conversations around you niche to see ways by which you can draw attention to what you do.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for you to be an active part of as a Creative.

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I appreciate your prompt response. I'll put your response to use right away... I will be in touch going forward...

You are appreciated. Akande Lucky Akorede

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Action beats Meditation

Agree strongly with that statement.

I spend too much time in idea conceptualization after "overthinking", there's no drive to Act. It can really be tiring 😔😔😔

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I am beginning to understand real stuff

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AnonymousApr 8, 2020

Thanks for yet another insightful piece. Today's newsletter is very relatable. I know that fear that comes before execution. The fear of failure and the unknown that drowns the joy of bringing a new idea to life.

I'm writing my first book and the fear is almost crippling. But for my friend who has made it her personal project to track my progress, I wouldn't have gone past the first chapter. Reading this, I feel motivated to keep pushing.

Thanks for everything you do.

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