With respect to Systems,

I can relate totally...

I have two courses this school year that really talk about systems and it's development.

In fact it's called System Development Life Cycle.

You can just develop a system like that.

There's a cycle that one needs to go through.

In that course, there's requirement stage first where you check all you'd need and all it might cost you and economic feasibility, etc.

After a system Analysis, here, you try to understand the objective or aim of the system, what it would do and all. Sometimes, people fix requirement stage under Analysis but it shouldn't be.

After a thorough analysis, there's Design, where so many methods are employed to design the system first of all then you pick the most feasible method for the system.

Then you implement or rather create what you designed, then go to testing stage before deployment and probably management.

Systems aren't just built out of nothing, so much calculation and effort are put into building systems and so many don't get that.

In these courses, we're even made to understand that the development life cycle was stages even change sometimes depending on the method you choose to create your own system with.

Eg; if it's a system that going to be large or used for large tasks, it can't be created with the same methods as systems for small tasks.

Or if your clients wants the system asap, you can't use the same method you'd use a system for someone that gave you about a year or more to create the system for him or her.

At a point, I'm beginning feel that relationships and leaderships which are under the system development process cos they come together to form the perfect system.

Thank you for reading to this level.😂

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It’s really a wonderful piece. Any sane human that starts reading this won’t stop till he reaches the last full stop.

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This is inspiring. I am really grateful for this insight you shared. Thanks

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May 26, 2020Liked by Ajulu

This is what we call DNA MARKER.

A sound primer, Ajulu you are doing well.

I am move to taking responsibility of my input/process and output fervently.

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May 25, 2020Liked by Ajulu

This is very enlightening sir Ajulu. God is indeed the greatest creator to learn from...design, develop, collaborate and output.

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May 25, 2020Liked by Ajulu

Thank you

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Reading this newsletter got me emotions and I see all my weakness and setback,

God bless you Ajulu for this insight, it was never a regret getting to know you.

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So much wisdom in one newsletter! I'm blessed by this. I had to read and re-read, and digest. This is power!!

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Dominion comes through systems, responsibility and relationship.

This is a whole new webinar on its own. Thank you Ajulu, Chukwu gozie gi with more wisdom

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And Ajulu did not withhold his gifts. Thank you for this piece

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This issue.

A lifelong lesson written in words.

The same priceless knowledge people pay to get at least he cost of a newsletter subscription.

No ! I'm blessed!

Thank you Sir.

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May 23, 2020Liked by Ajulu

Thanks! I learnt something new

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God was the first designer that got me

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I wonder if anyone could bounce off this page without reading to the end after 2 paragraphs.

I see a reason why design is the foundation of everything plans and goals

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